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Welcome to EchoTrail documentation where you can learn about our products through our guides, or dive into automating with our API Resources. To get access to the API and new features, you should create an account.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is with our endpoint process analytics tool EchoTrail Insights which lets you lookup and understand the typical behavior of any filename or hash. If you want to automatically enhance your logs, then you should look at our API Quickstart guide or check if we already have an Integration for your analytics tool of choice.


API Quickstart

Jump right into using our API by generating your API key and making your first request.

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Explore EchoTrail integrations with your favorite analytics tools.

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Insights Explained

Learn about EchoTrail Insights data modeling, fields, and theory.

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Scoring Explained

Learn about EchoTrail Scoring and how process profile scores can help your hunt and monitoring operations.

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Support Data Types

Learn about what types of endpoint logs are supported.

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API Usage Limits

Learn about rate limiting and usage restrictions of our API.

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API Production Usage

Review our recommendations for using EchoTrail API in a production environment.

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Insights API

Learn about EchoTrail Insights API and how to search, sub-search, and field search for filenames or hashes.

Scoring API

Learn about the Scoring API and how to process execution profile scoring can enhance your hunt or monitoring operations.

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