EchoTrail Detection Service

Managed Threat Detection for SMBs

The Challenge for SMBs

  • The U.S National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within 6 months.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are hit by 62% of all cyber attacks, or about 4,000 per day, according to IBM.
  • The Ponemon Institute found that 77% of cyber attacks do not use malware, rendering traditional Antivirus (AV) solutions ineffective at detecting the majority of attacks.
  • Small businesses are targeted by advanced attackers because these groups know that SMBs don't deploy advanced detection software, and they often provide a door to larger enterprise partner networks.

Built for SMBs

There aren't many affordable options for SMBs to add a layer of advanced detection to their security. We built this service to meet the needs of business owners looking for that additional layer of protection at a price that makes sense for SMBs. We manage sophisticated detection alerts for you, only notifying you when you need to take action.

Advanced Behavioral Detection

Using Behavioral Detection we catch the most sophisticated attacks that typically go unnoticed for months. We catch what antivirus can't, by analyzing process behaviors and detecting activity generated by attackers on your computers. We don't use signature-based detection, that only detects known malware. We use behavioral detection techniques so we can detect attackers using malwareless and fileless attacks or attackers "Living off the Land," using built-in Windows tools.

Lightweight Sensor

We use a lightweight sensor, built by Microsoft, and securely send events to our cloud-based detection engine. Install in seconds with no reboot and no perceptible load on the system.

Monthly Reports

Receive customized monthly reports with a summary of detections as well as other insights about your environment, such as the most commonly executed programs.