EchoTrail Hunt Service

Fully Managed Compromise Assessment


Do you know if your network is compromised? Are any advanced attackers operating on your infrastructure? If you don't have deep visibility into your endpoints, that question is difficult to answer. On average, modern adversaries remain undetected for 6+ months. With our endpoint and cloud-based behavioral detection engine, we'll find these groups fast. Whether you're doing an acquisition and need visibility before merging networks, or you just need a periodic assessment of the state of your endpoint security, our service is designed to help.

Advanced Adversary Detection

We've built an advanced adversary detection platform at EchoTrail. The platform was designed from the ground up with Threat Hunting first and foremost on our minds. By itself, our platform will detect advanced adversaries operating on your network. Add to that a handful of experts hunting through the data and we will quickly find any anomalies or nefarious activity occurring on your endpoints. Contact us about a short-term hunting engagement and we can provide the visibility that you need to know whether or not your network is compromised.


Security companies need to move quickly to keep up with adversary and technology changes. We built our hunting platform to allow for extremely fast pivoting. Using our playbooks, our hunters can adapt and automate much of their hunting that would otherwise be manual with other approaches.

Lightweight Sensor

We can hunt on any EDR data. If you have an EDR product from another vendor already installed, then we can be up and running quickly. Otherwise, we can provide a lightweight sensor, built by Microsoft, called Sysmon. In either case we securely send endpoint events to our cloud-based detection engine and our Hunters can begin hunting immediately.