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Insights on process execution logs that can accelerate your analysts, reduce the load on your SOAR/SIEM, and enhance your endpoint data.

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Leveraging our data lake of process execution data, EchoTrail has derived a statistical model of how processes normally behave.

EchoTrail Products help Security Analysts, Threat Hunters and Incident Response Teams within the SOC to know what processes are and how they behave. When you know normal, you can find evil.

EchoTrail Insights
Accelerate your analysts with our extensive endpoint analytics search tool. Get process descriptions, behavioral analytics, security intel and more.
EchoTrail Scoring
Learn how processes typically execute in YOUR environment. Compare your behavioral data to the EchoTrail global statistical model. Arm your SOC with real time indicators of unusual behavior, and eliminate the noise of predictable behavior.
EchoTrail Detect
Our detection mangement system allows you to manage all of your detection content from one place. With built-in integrations to your SIEM, you can write, tune and deploy your detection content with ease.
Professional Services
Leverage EchoTrail for professional services to help integrate our global database into your SOAR/SIEM. Run hunt activities, develop and tune detections and implement best practices within your SOC.

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Creating an account with EchoTrail allows for unlimited search of the EchoTrail Insights database. With EchoTrail, your team will instantly access millions of data points detailing what processes are, how they typically behave, who wrote them, and Security Intel on how they are used by threat actors.

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Understand your endpoints.

EchoTrail is dedicated to understanding how endpoints typically behave. By knowing what’s normal, security teams can easily identify threats. EchoTrail helps to eliminate the noise of common executions and enhances and enriches logs with unusual behavior.

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2.5 million

EchoTrail Insight Searches

Every result helping to upskill your analysts and jump start hunt operations.

317 Million

Executions Observed

Helping to empower your security team with powerful hunt and security research value.

10 Million

Processes Scored by EchoTrail Scoring

Providing high value risk scores for process events on endpoints for powerful anomaly detection, risk adjustment, and more.

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