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Why EchoTrail?

Modern adversaries can easily circumvent traditional Antivirus (AV) solutions. They use malwareless and fileless attacks, often not writing any files to disk. This poses a problem for antivirus techniques that simply look for known malicious programs (malware). We use advanced, behavioral detection techniques to stop modern adversaries. EchoTrail is built on the latest cloud technologies that allow us to stay one step ahead of advanced attackers. We built a platform that allows our analysts and detection experts to quickly build and deploy new detection capabilities without the need for a long engineering lifecycle typical of larger security companies.

We're a boutique cyber security company with years of experience finding and stopping advanced attacks.

Endpoint + Cloud

We passively collect operating system activities from endpoints and securely send it to our cloud-native behavioral detection engine.

You get the benefit of a quick deployment and immediate visibility. No hardware to set up. No heavyweight endpoint agents, just a passive sensor built by Microsoft to work seamlessly on your endpoints.

Our engine also works with other EDR products. If you already have an EDR agent installed, we can get you hunting even faster.

Modern serverless technology allows us to bring advanced behavioral adversary detection at a fraction of the cost of large security companies.

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