About Us

EchoTrail is a boutique cybersecurity company using cutting edge cloud technology to bring advanced adversary hunting and detection capabilities to the market at affordable prices. We've spent years perfecting the technology and methodologies necessary to hunt for and detect advanced attackers in corporate environments.

We value people first and foremost, but we love building technology that enables them to do their job better.

We also value Authenticity, Leadership and Growth.

We have a big vision for what we can achieve, simply by taking care of the people around us.


Brian Concannon

Co-Founder and CEO

Brian has been building technology for over 20 years, spending the last decade exclusively on cybersecurity technology. He started his career as a software engineer developing embedded software for use in military satellite communications technology.

He spent eight years as a Special Agent in the FBI, investigating national security-related computer intrusions.

Brian was one of the founding members and leaders of the CrowdStrike Security Operations Center, now called Overwatch.

More recently, Brian co-founded Vector8 and EchoTrail.

Kris Merritt

Co-Founder and President of Services

Kris’s broad and deep experiences in and around cyber security have led to an understanding that the right people doing the right kind of work, with the right tooling and enablement, is the answer to every hard security problem.

Kris has 15 years of direct experience in cyber security, network defense, and IT operations, mainly in leadership roles of security operations, incident response, digital forensics, signature development, indicator management, and tactical tool development within very large enterprise networks. Kris has a special interest in security orchestration, automation, and culture, and has applied related philosophies to build lean-but-powerful security operations teams in the U.S. Air Force (“AFCERT”), General Electric, and CrowdStrike. Most recently, Kris started and led CrowdStrike’s Falcon Overwatch hunting service from the ground-up as well as the company’s internal hunting program.