Detection Management System

EchoTrail Detect helps security teams manage detection content in a more efficient and effective way, bringing engineering principles to security.

A static detection is a detection that probably doesn’t work

Most SOCs create and manage custom detections. Even those who rely on off-the-shelf tools may filter out alerts in a SOAR or SIEM tool, creating a form of custom rules.

As EchoTrail works with SOCs around the world, we find even the most sophisticated teams are managing detections with immature systems and undefined processes.

Does your team manage custom rules in Git or Excel?

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Core Features

A Detection Management System

  • Centralized Management of Detection Content
  • Detection Visibility and Search
  • MITRE Att&ck Tracking
  • Version Control
  • Detection Deployment with Built-In SIEM Integrations
  • Team Access and Permission Levels
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Additional Features

Streamline your detections

  • Seamless CI/CD
  • Detection Performance Analytics
  • Deployment Drift Analysis and Correction
  • Built-in Transforms - Rule Normalization to Match Deployed Environment
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