Enhance your intel, Enrich your logs, Empower your SOC

EchoTrail Insights

A searchable database of process execution profiles captured from millions of process executions observed by our sensors in the wild.

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EchoTrail Scoring

A Statistical model for calculating a risk score of processes executing in your environment compared against our global database.

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EchoTrail Forwarder

A log forwarder that compresses normal process execution behavior and enhances anomalous behavior prior to SIEM ingestion.

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EchoTrail Insights

Accelerate your analysts, threat hunters, and incident response teams with our extensive endpoint analytics search tool. Get process descriptions, behavioral analytics, security intel and more.

Resolve Alerts With Confidence

An optimized workflow

EchoTrail Insights is a comprehensive database of process execution behavior. By understanding how processes typically behave, you can quickly identify when anomalous behavior occurs.

Insights helps analysts and threat hunters answer questions like

  • What is this process?
    Identify who wrote it and what it normally does.
  • How common is this process?
    Reveal how often it runs and how common it is across a variety of endpoints.
  • How does this process typically behave?
    Understand common hashes, paths and ancestry - such as parent, grandparent and child processes.
  • How can malicious actors use this process?
    Uncover Security Intelligence and learn more about how each process can be exploited by threat actors

Integrate EchoTrail Insights with your SOAR/SIEM for automatic enrichment using our API

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EchoTrail Insights Pro

Full results and powerful features
Our paid tier, EchoTrail Insights Pro, unlocks full results along with access to Advanced Search and Subsearch features. These features unlock the full potential of EchoTrail Insights to help you craft queries, find answers, and explore in new ways.
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EchoTrail Scoring

Compare your behavioral data to the EchoTrail global statistical model. Arm your SOC with real time indicators of unusual behavior, and eliminate the noise of predictable behavior.

EchoTrail Scoring - Process Anomaly Detection

Enter information about a process execution and get an anomaly score on the likelihood of it occurring, where 0 is very rare and 100 is exceedingly common.

Learn how processes typically execute in YOUR environment.

Score complete process executions

Hunt on unusual behaviors

  • Score against our global database
    Manually input a process for immediate feedback to determine if it’s worth investigating.
  • Integrate Automatically
    Use the scoring API to enrich logs directly inside your SOAR/SIEM.
  • Profile your environment
    EchoTrail creates a custom statistical model to better understand how processes run in your environment.
  • Confidently Resolve Alerts
    High scores are used by analysts to resolve alerts with accuracy.
  • Identify unusual behaviors
    Low scores are used by Threat Hunters and Incident Response Teams to indicate abnormal execution profiles.
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The Smart Forwarder

Combine the power of EchoTrail Insights and EchoTrail Scoring with our intelligent log forwarder. The EchoTrail Forwarder automatically reduces common logs with high scores and enhances anomalous logs with low scores directly to a SOAR/SIEM.

Reduce the noise and enhance the anomalous activity

Reduce and roll up common executions

Automatically Enhance Logs

  • Endpoint Profiles
    Every endpoint develops its own process execution statistical model.
  • Compress Normal Behavior
    High score process executions are compressed and rolled up (reducing SOAR/SIEM ingestion).
  • Trigger Alerts
    Anomalous behavior is enhanced to trigger analysts and threat hunters.
  • Retain Originals
    Original Logs are retained in S3 (or other inexpensive storage) for compliance.
  • Customize Thresholds
    Tune the levels at which you reduce and enhance.
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