EchoTrail Detect

Advanced Endpoint Detection for MSPs and SMBs


Antivirus is a good start to protect yourself from run-of-the-mill malware, but that's where the benefits end. Modern attackers can easily circumvent AV with malwareless attacks. Because of their ability to avoid detection, these adversaries often reside on victim networks for months or years. EchoTrail's Detection platform is designed to solve this problem. We capture and analyze operating system behaviors and run them through our cloud-based detection engine. Using advanced behavioral detection techniques, EchoTrail easily finds and alerts you to any advanced attackers that are on your network. EchoTrail Detect is an endpoint detection solution designed specifically for service providers and small businesses. Using a lightweight sensor made by Microsoft, along with our cloud-based behavioral detection engine, we bring advanced, intel-driven, endpoint detection to SMBs at a price that's affordable.

Advanced Behavioral Detection

Using Behavioral Detection we catch the most sophisticated attacks that typically go unnoticed for months. We catch what antivirus can't, by analyzing process behaviors and detecting activity generated by attackers on your computers. We don't use signature-based detection, that only detects known malware. We use behavioral detection techniques so we can detect attackers using malwareless and fileless attacks or even attackers "Living off the Land," using built-in Windows tools.

For Service Providers and SMBs

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms have typically been priced at a point that's inaccessible to SMBs. We've taken the best parts of Endpoint detection and built it specifically for small businesses. If you're a service provider, give your customers an additional layer of defense beyond AV.

Lightweight Sensor

We use a lightweight sensor, built by Microsoft, and securely send events to our cloud-based detection engine. Install in seconds with no reboot and no perceptible load on the system.

Monthly Reports

Receive customized monthly reports with a summary of detections as well as other insights about your environment, such as the most commonly executed programs.